Global Peace Youth Exchange Cambodia-Korea 2015 Testimonies

H.E., our fellow brothers and Sisters GPV and GPYE, Ladies and Gentleman;

Good Afternoon!!!

I am Piden, from Global Peace Volunteer Youth Cambodia. It was with great pleasure that I was welcomed the participants to the 11th Global Peace Youth Exchange program with our lovely Brothers, Sisters Cambodia and Korea delegates.

We have spent very very meaningful time for one week together with our altruistic delegates by working on various projects in difference schools as following:

  • On 10th – 11st, we went Jompu Prek Primary School, Kompung Spue province by making Book Shelves, Painting library, and donating hundreds of books.
  • On the 12nd – 13rd, we went to Hun Sen Prek Pra Primary school, Chba Ampov district by building washing area, teaching students, and donating hundreds of books as well.

The most unforgettable thing is the smile of those students while we were playing game together, it was true smile and laugh.

  • Meanwhile, we have met lots of great inspire persons such as H.E. Hun Many, the President of Union Youth Federation of Cambodia; and H.E., Ouknha, Doctor Mengly J. Qouch, The member of government council, and the president American Intercon Institute.

They shared very good advises to us for being a good communicator and be professional. I have noticed one thing about them, they are very humble. They come to us shaking hand like brother.

  • What is more, we had spent one night at the  in Chba Ampov District. We fell a little bite nerves initially at that new place. However, we found out that those people are very kind. We have also learns a lot of experience of how the local people live.
  • Last but not least, on the 14th we had a fund-raising festival at Royal University of Phnom Penh which is a very enjoyable event. I learn how to make Kimbab (Korean cuisine) with our fellow Korean delegates.

With this even, we try to engage our youth in humanitarian work by not wasting time in other useless thing.

As Youth, It is important for all of us to understand the world which belong to everyone and get to know our fellow citizens from over the world. Thus, everyone has to take care, has to share, and has to harmonize together in this diversity world. For instance, Cambodia and Korea have completely different culture included language, religion, and tradition, but we have the same goal, to be Harmonize as one.

By this exchange program, I hope Cambodia and Korea would have closer relation, maintain stronger connection from the government to individual. hopefully, this great relation would push up to commercial cooperation which is one of the element of regionalization or globalization.

I hope that we all will take this opportunity to learn more about the participation of young people in taking more active role in developing our countrymen upon returning home; after all, the future belongs to us!

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