Friendship and RULE OF LAW

I am very proud and appreciate of what LEE KUAN YEW, the former president and founder of Singapore did to his close friend when that one friend committed corruption which was worth around 500 SGD only. Hence, he ordered his friend a death penalty. I would say he is my idol.

Friendship is such special gift from God. It is a rare asset of every individual to have such a close friend. Close friends can make your life brighter in a half side. It should be appreciate once people come to us and it worth enjoys that time together as long as possible. Since, there is no meeting without ending. Please don’t refuse once they come, and once they leave, we still don’t need to stop them too.


On the other hand, Let say if we are surrounded by many teammates or close friends who tent to be selfish people or those who will impress the other the bad picture of us, it might affect to our reputation as well. 2013 national election insult of deduction of CPP’s (Cambodian People Party, the political party in Cambodia) chairs because of bad governor of local authorities is an example.

In a leading role, leader should show his neutrality, respectful and love equity to all followers. Leader should forgive for the first or second mistake of s.o but not as always forgiving. Then principle will mean nothing. Great leader should have critical thinking over everything particularly clarify clearly between FRIENDSHIP and RULE OF LAW. According to Human Resource management book written by PRACH VICHEY, “leader has to award a special gift to those made great achievement, and give a heavily punishment to those committed mistake.” So far, I didn’t apply this theory to my leadership role yet. Perhaps I gonna follow it soon.

A good leader should not just judge something on the way people speak to him/her, or closer to. In contrast, leader should evaluate on what his/her actually do and its impact. Since, not all people have time to give you a thumb up, nor stay on your side all the time. It is crucial to understand that friendship cannot hide nor remove all your mistakes. It is such as crazy to stand by side of those committed mistake. Either it doesn’t mean we have to breaks up this friendship. Once mistaker had been punished, they are still our friends or team member. Mistaker should consider the same too.

Leader create more leaders. Once we guide them wrong, it is such a wastes. Once, we let them go wrong, we are not leader, but blinder.

Thus, critical thinking over all premise of those people, differentiate and understand all people in your team about their natural characteristic or personality, and how its impact to the whole team are roles for great leader.


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