How to develop Cambodia public transportation

Bus station
Bus station

Cambodia should pause moving the time and think about its social welfare rather than politic. If both Cambodian people and government have moderate the way they considering for the sack of future social welfare and human being. We, everyone shall singular as one to make big miracle happen. I offer an idea as following.

The future traffic of Cambodia in next 5 years would be 10 times much heavier than nowadays. Thus, it require us to tackle this issue in advance to avoid the social virus ruining populations’ mentality.

The problem can be resolved in numberous solutions, and three of the most useful technical helper are improve the quality and quantity of public transportation, develop government policy on transportation and social’s ideology on traveling, and make a public investment.

I. Improvement quality and quantity of public transportation:

  1. The number of public transportation company and vehicles shall be no limited. Then there would be more competitive in term of services and quality.
  2. We found now the area for departure of some company in Cambodia have very tiny space for either parking and awaiting lounge. Why shouldn’t we try a better one?
  3. Technology would bring people easily accessible to transportation. For bus or train’s ticket shall be book via online as schedule, seat, price set in the company’s website. For taxi should have application figure out the location of customer.
People garthered to build temple during Angkor era.
People gathered to build temple during Angkor era.

II. Policy and ideology

  1. Government should restrict on ownership of vehicle. The number of personal motor and car shall be cut by tax system.
  2. It is time for the road in Cambodia are trafficked by electric or solar vehicles which are environment friendly and reduce noise.
  3. Population is one of the most important factor to decide the traffic more heavy or more easy by choosing to travel alone by personal car with expensive tax or travel in group by public transportation with care free on tax.
People force to build dam during Polpot regime

III. Public investment is not the only possibly resolve traffic problem but everything. Please close your eyes and imagine you were in ancient time in a tribe group. There was no money but people do farming and share food with each other happily. They care free of politic but sacred themselves to build temple for god. Now, turn your eyes and see how the world now are pollute and people hating each other and fight for money. Would you kindly imagine again with eyes close about a new world that people living in eco-friendly world surrounded by homemade farming. The appliances are run by wind energy and solar energy. The road have no polluted of oil or gas vehicles but silently generating with electric machine. Next by your side there are LED screed advertisement panels along the street.

Okay stop your imagination, i can tell you one way to get there. Let invest your money with this project. We have over 15m people. Let say 10% of them willing to make this project happen with 10$ each. Now we have 1.5m people with one share equally on 15m USD capital. With this budget we can make spend on software development, staff’ salary, buying hundred electric buses on 40 stations built over 25 provinces-cities.


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