Rating System for better governments’ service

Governments around the world are always developing themselves for better service to comfort their population. In innovation world, technologies are applying to administrative work to improve a better service. This is call “E-Government.” However, people somehow are still need to meet the civil servant in person. The attitude of those local civil servants who are authorized to meet population in person are very impact to the government’s reputation. No matter their acts are done. It doesn’t mean it is the consent of government. But, general population are generally think it does. So there are some solutions the government to resolve those problems.

rating-customer-service-illustration-flat-design-system-phone-screen-giving-feedback-concept-61542548Rating System shall take place to identify those civil servants who are corrupted, passive, and unfairly treatment to client (Population). The rating system are open to the public via online website or machine located in some areas such as One Window Service office or Khum, Sangkat’s Office. They can vote anonymously to score those officers by their national ID number. The system will record and show back the nickname for rater, but auditor have authority to find out identity of rater. Thus, the officers cannot rate for themselves event if the machine is locate in their office.


This platform also can help the population to find robotic advisory by customers service in the online forum. This system will record all the conversation and index them, then sort them by the categories of problems. So later, once we are in doubt of something. we can search and ask via this forum as well.

With optimistic, this system will bring Cambodia greater public service and good civil servants. The government will have a daily referendum with its people in order to identify the need of population and find out what they need to improve to gain more popularity. We can have the overall countrywide statistic in just one dashboard based geographical area. Thus, the government can apply efficient solutions to right area.

This article is not made to critic the government, but we aim to improve them.

3rd September 2016 by Piden HEM.


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