Who are you?

Today I had a job interview with an organization even though I’ve been selected. But I literally feel both happy and unhappy at the same time.

I am not happy because it was very hard to answer a question “Who you are?”. To speak my mind, I admit I never ask myself about Who I am nor define it before. I gave the interviewer a broad and complex random answer which is not what they want to hear. The interviewers asked me “Why would I like to apply to their organization?” It is a question that links to “Who you are?”. They try to give me a clue to speak out of mind what do I see things in a bigger image in the society and join them to address the issues. I didn’t make it. It means my answer was not what they want to hear. I do notice what I want may the same as what they have told me. Since 2011 I have made an organization orientation slide about the organization that I found by myself which is mostly the same with what they are looking for. That means we work on parallel vision.

My weakness is I was not able to share my own perspective nor never use my own point of view to define who I am. I did not answer the question base who I am. I tried to guess who they are.

I have learned that we need to be all the time be ourselves. Let’s people judge with who you are, but not because you know who they are. Be yourselves, you can find the right team who always accept you in any conditions.

The reason that I am happy is not that I’ve been selected. But I literally know myself still need to develop more. The interview gives me the answer that he really wants to be heard. I have learned that we don’t need to hide your perspective on whatever topic. Because somehow answer a question with many things in mind won’t lead you to the right answer, but it just messes thing up. Right, interviewers said what you thought in general, but your answer is not linked.

I need to redefine who I am clearly and from now on I just be myself to tell the world that I do. It will help me to filter who will stay or leave in my life. Yes, it is a life cycle that people come and go because they all live in a unique life path that has a common interest.

If you will be liked or disliked. It is fine. Because there will be someone love who we are, because who we are. You may probably not selected to be an organization. It is not the end of the world. there are plenty of other organization may waiting to see you.


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