Teaching profession and I

Teaching is not what I like to do nor my goal initially. However, I love to see children get to study, I love to see them learning and growing, I want to build schools for children especially those who are from low-income families. Maybe following are the reasons that I choose to volunteer with Global Peace Foundation as English teacher, and the reasons that I want to build a school in the future.

I was frustrated to apply admission to study first grade in public school. The school rejected me two years. Their reason was about I was too young or too small. But actually, I was 6 years old. Yeah, right I was too small compared to my age but I believe the reason was about the money only. The third time of my admission was about to reject until my parent gave them some money. So I was tough to corrupt since I was eight years old. I got rejected from primary school because we didn’t have money. Should this be the barrier for any other kids to access education? What’s more, It came to decision making when I apply to Preah Monivong high school to choose whether to study in normal class (English class) or bilanguage class (French class). I’d never learned French before joining this class. Anyways, I am the kind of person who like to do what people said I can’t do. The speed of learning in French class was very fast than my expectation. I ended up lowest grade in the class every month. There was a math teacher in my seventh grade who I considered as a crazy person. He used very cruel punishment to a poor student like me. I used to cry so often in his class because of his punishment was too hard. I felt afraid of his class and was about to drop out, and some of my classmates dropped out. However, I could manage to pass this grade to get into grade 8th. That year I transferred to English class. Maybe, because of the hard time that I’d experienced in my seventh grade tough me to study faster than other students in English class. I managed to improve my math, chemistry, and physics skills very fast. I even able to teach my classmates who were not able to study extra classes. In my ninth grade, I’d met a math teacher who well known as the most strict teacher ever in the school. I was so scared to meet the same situation like my seventh grade. In contrast, he was a funny person. His teaching methodology was very fun and enjoyable. I reached to the peak time ever in my studying life. I got certification of a good result in class almost every months.

2012-03-21 2416

Some of my friends and I managed to learn the tenth grade’s exercise in extra classes and we took the exam to join the smart math class in grade tenth. The point here shows that excellence education is not about our strict rule or hard punishment in class but it is totally about our teaching methodology and how we communicate with our students. I believe that education in a fun way could make students enjoy to learn rather than to scare them to sit in a classroom and learn nothing.

And recently, I am very inspired by Liger Learning Center with the impact that they have done to Cambodian Youths. I join their show at Meta House I noticed the children at age 10 -12 tough for two years by them grow so much in confident of public speaking, technology, English and other hard skills. Those kids had the ability to make the website, publish books, do 3D printing and present theirs produces in English to the public audiences very well. There was a question comes up to my mind that “What if there are more schools like this in Cambodia?” From that day, I always told myself to earn more money and build a school like this in the future.

I believe these are the reasons why I don’t like teaching, but I love to help poor students to access to school and yeah I wanna build a good school that students would love to study.

Following is the report of my activities during my three months volunteers as an English teacher with Global Peace Youth.

Click to download my report



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