About Me


Life is new innovative. One life, one dream, one hope.

Piden was born in a rural area in Battambang, Cambodia. He is the youngest child in a small family, but he feel less warming unlike the other youngest child.

Piden has been pursuing his bachelor degree in major of International Relations at Royal University of Laws and Economics in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Est. graduate in late 2015).

Take ownership for Cambodia.

Born in a society in which he didn’t feel belong he had never been any optimistic that his life would have been any better. However, this mindset is no long consist in his thought. It just changed when He has got educated with the study of this poor nation’s history, foreign ideological political influence, and her internally political conflict swifts. Additionally, The US president John F. Kennedy’s word saying “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” have absolutely push him to consider about his responsibilities as a Cambodia citizen. It even further lighted him to think critically into to root that caused something happen as rather than critic the common problem in his Country.

Piden is just simple guy who have many daydreams.

He dream to do something crucial for his country and it is simply for the dream being a successful entrepreneur, since most of people in his family are businessmen/women. He does not like to share what exactly he wanna do with those daydreams. Thus, let’s see together in the next couple years.


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